Javascript, I hardly knew ya

After over a decade working in web development I can honestly say I suck at Javascript.  I’ve always been more focused on the backend and so I’ve never put much effort into improving beyond the basics.  I used prototype back in the day before switching to jQuery at some point in time and I never really moved past that point in time for Javascript.  For me Javascript never really moved on from jQuery 2.0.  I never really had any issues

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Shoe dog review

Shoe dog was an interesting look at the beginnings of a company the would become one of the largest most recognised brands in the world Nike.  By the end of the book I was honestly kind of amazed they managed to survive at all let alone reach the heights they have. Phil knight was refreshingly candid about his failures and shortcomings though the main story ends in the 80s and he kind of glosses over the factory related issues of

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Optimization for the fingers

As a programmer I spend a lot of time typing. But not only do I spend a lot of time typing I do it frequently using keys that most users rarely if ever type. All manner of brackets, and slashes, the whole row of characters above the numbers across the top of the keyboard, colons and semi-colons, etc. Basically I’m all over the place on the keyboard. To make matters worse I have really bad form with typing. My style

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content_for in Phoenix

Disclaimer: I’m very new at both Elixir and Phoenix so the below might be horrible.  If it is let me know in the comments. Problem: I need content_for in Phoenix Solution: render_existing For this example we’ll be using the page controller and the app.html.eex layout to add breadcrumbs to the top of the page. 1. In app.html.eex where you want the breadcrumbs add <%= raw render_existing view_module(@conn), "breadcrumbs.html", assigns %> 2. In web/views/page_view.ex add the following def render("breadcrumbs.html", assigns) do

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