Content Generation

For 2019 my goal is go produce more content. I'm aiming to average 5 pieces a week. Some will be text, some video, possibly some audio later in the year.

Originally I was planning an update every weekday but I found that was just forcing me into severely limiting my choices. Books being a big one where I'm limited in the type of books I can read and digest in a week that are hard tech.


Tourswarm will eventually be a suite of tools to help touring musicians. To start off with though I am focusing on mailing list management

Keep All The Things

Keep All The Things is an online book club platform with a focus on technical books. I do a lot of reading and as my books are getting harder I've wanted a place to go and discuss specific chapters and points of them. This is what I hope KATT becomes.

Unnamed Social Network

A new social network designed for family units. More details soon


I still accept the occasional Adtech project at Sanswork. I have designed and built large platforms in Affiliate, Co-registration, Display, Lead Gen, and Search. Whether you need advice about your current system or are considering building out your own custom platform I can almost certainly help. You can reach me at

Recent Posts

I bought a hardcopy version of the book The Daily Stoic by Ryan Holiday earlier this year while in Canada. I’ve been saving it for the start of this year and managed to forgot it ws on my shelf. So starting today I’ll be reading an entry a day, and…

Books Book - CODE

Last week my book was PostgreSQL 10 Administration Cookbook. I found a lot of great tips in it that will be useful in the future and setup a replication/backup system from the instructions in it. Cookbooks are great at giving me ideas. I tend to scan…

I honestly haven’t made it very far. Since I last looked though they added B2C videos which is great. The problem I’m having at the moment is that I honestly am not sure my site is a good contender for content marketing given what they’ve described…

Last week my focus was on using movement keys more instead of the arrow keys. It’s been a rough week! I installed the HardTime plugin to vim which only allows you to use the directional keys once every second. It gets frustrating fast but I did also…

My first tech study topic for the year will be Elixir Supervisors. For as long as I’ve been using Elixir I’ve honestly never done much with them and my knowledge is lacking completely. I’ll be putting in time this week to study them.

Personal Development - Daily Meditation

Meditation is something I’ve tried on and off for about a year now. I’ve read or listened to a number of books on it, tried various apps like Headspace and Calm and even bought a Muse headband though the last one was mostly because I wanted to hack…

Book - PostgreSQL 10 Administration Cookbook

As part of an upcoming move off Heroku and onto Digital Ocean for a few of my products I want to make sure I’m more comfortable admining a few Postgres servers. I won’t be doing anything too complex I just want to be comfortable making sure back up…

Marketing - Customers from content

About 8 months ago I came across Customers from content and decided to purchase the course. Since then I have helpfully gotten an email in my inbox every week telling me that my course process is 0%. This week I’ll be changing that. This will…

VIM - Movement keys

Welcome to my first post of 2019 and my year of creating content. For this first week my posts will just be outlining things I’ll be working on in the week ahead so expect them all to be quite short. The plan for the VIM section is that each week I…

Week 1: Morning Math

I dropped out of high school when I was 16 to start my first company. If you go check Shawn on Shawn you can see how that turned out(hint it’s the first red box). I did end up going back the next year but I wasn’t really into it and eventually…