Content Generation

For 2019 my goal is go produce more content. I'm aiming for 5 pieces a week. Some will be text, some video, possibly some audio later in the year. As well as a weekly update email. To get the last one sign up below


Tourswarm will eventually be a suite of tools to help touring musicians. To start off with though I am focusing on mailing list management

Keep All The Things

Keep All The Things is an online book club platform with a focus on technical books. I do a lot of reading and as my books are getting harder I've wanted a place to go and discuss specific chapters and points of them. This is what I hope KATT becomes.

Unnamed Social Network

A new social network designed for family units. More details soon


I still accept the occasional Adtech project at Sanswork. I have designed and built large platforms in Affiliate, Co-registration, Display, Lead Gen, and Search. Whether you need advice about your current system or are considering building out your own custom platform I can almost certainly help. You can reach me at

Recent Posts
Week 1: Morning Math

I dropped out of high school when I was 16 to start my first company. If you go check Shawn on Shawn you can see how that turned out(hint it’s the first red box). I did end up going back the next year but I wasn’t really into it and eventually…

Optimization for the fingers

As a programmer I spend a lot of time typing. But not only do I spend a lot of time typing I do it frequently using keys that most users rarely if ever type. All manner of brackets, and slashes, the whole row of characters above the numbers across…