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After 3 years on Gitlab I’m going back to Github.

I really love working with Gitlab.  Having so many tools in one place has been brilliant for me.  But today I’m ending that relationship. I don’t love everything mind you, .gitlab-ci.yml files have never been particularly fun but I’ve always been able to get something working for my workflow of the month.  I’m not a fan of the ticketing system and have moved away from it though I have heard improvements have been happening there.  Not huge things, things I

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April Challenge: Day 8 round up(Challenge 1: Failed)

Challenge one: failed So it’s safe to say I failed to release the first app on time.  It’s live but it’s not launch ready yet.  I’m going to have Jess run it for a week on her work to come up with some improvements to the workflow and reporting.  If you want to check it out though did This Then is where to find the rough lander which will take you through to the app.  Pricing is just placeholders at the

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April Challenge: Day 7 round up

Well I got a lot done today.  Billing, a landing page, the start of the reporting system, user types.  But not everything!  Since I’m not going to launch until Monday for that PH boost I’ve decided to just shift the whole challenge back one day so I get a bonus day on this challenge which will be helpful.  It also saves me having to launch on the same day that I’m starting the next challenge which will just really be

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April Challenge: Day 6 roundup

Woo today was a busy day.  Despite a break to go watch Ready Player One with my wife I got a lot done today.  The application is now fully usable as a time tracker.  It isn’t however useful as a time tracker yet.  What do I mean by that?  While as it currently stands I can add/archive tasks and track how much time is spend on them all.  What I can’t do is see how much time I spent on

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April Challenge: Day 5 roundup

So yesterday(Day 4) I was only able to spend a few minutes on the project due to volunteering in the morning and having people over in the evening.  Today though I got a lot done to make up for it.  The whole front end is now in React and we are doing all actions through the graphql endpoint which is exciting livestreaming Short one of about an hour and I think I forgot to turn my mic on so not

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April Challenge: Day 3 round up

I actually got this one out in the morning.  Woo.  Now with that task complete I’m going to move to just doing them at the end of the day since it’s really difficult to talk about yesterdays activities as though they were today. Livestreaming Oops.  I have been using something called Soundflower to allow me to have my desktop audio(music) and mic working at the same time in OBS and Pretzel to listen to music.  Yesterday I decided to listen

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April Challenge: Day 2 round up

Second day is in the book(and actually being late to write this third too). livestreaming I was on the live stream for about 2 hours today.  It went well though no chat.  Still slow going weekly project status Today I got most of the background stuff around starting and stopping tasks done. what to improve Need to work more.  I’m trying to record all my coding work but I’ve not been putting in many hours.

April Challenge: Day 1 round up

We’ve reached the end of the first day of the April Challenge and I feel like we’re off to a great start. Livestreaming Live streaming went well though I decided 4 hours of it was just too much and cut it down to 2 hours.  It was pretty enjoyable though I coded a lot slower than expected.  After the two hours I had an authentication system in place and a general design for the system.  That should have taken me

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April Bootstrapping Challenge

I spent entirely too much time trying to come up with a catchy sounding name like “March Madness”, “Dry July”, or “Movember” to title this challenge and as you can tell by the title I’ve failed not only myself but all of you who definitely want to talk about this around the water cooler as well.  So the first task of my “April Bootstrapping Challenge” which was to come up with a cool sounding name is down in the books

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Javascript Upgrade: Destructuring

Destructuring is a new way to get data out of objects and arrays in ES6.  Where as before you would have to assign each item from an object or array individually destructuring gives you the ability to extract multiple items at the same time.  I’ve seen it used before on imports but never investigated the rules or how it works so this was a great topic for me. Objects Below are various examples of destructuring values from objects. const person

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