I am a Canadian now living in a place called Sandy Beach, Australia. I'm married with two dogs(Finn and Jake).


My first technology book was Applied Cryptography which my mom got me for Christmas when I was 13. Since then I've been a bit addicted to technology books and reading. I feel like my backlog of unread books and courses grows almost daily.


Around the same time as my first book my mom also bought my Borland Turbo C. I had a fascination with hacking and wanted to learn to program so I wouldn't be a script kiddie. My move to software was a welcome change for my mother as I had a habit of forgetting to unplug my soldering irons.

My first programming job was around 6 years later in Visual Basic. The next year I switched to a role developing in C. Since then I've worked in a lot of other languages with the main ones being PHP, Ruby, Javascript, and presently Elixir.

These days almost all my work is in Elixir or Javascript. I'm planning to learn Rust and ReasonML next


I have founded and co-founded a lot of businesses over the years. A lot have failed, some were just shut down due to other opportunities, some pivoted, and some are still going.

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