Areas of focus

I'm primarily a programmer but I also do a fair bit of devops type work so my focus will be a mixture of the two.


This year I'd like to really focus on mastery of the Elixir language.

Javascript + React

I've always treated Javascript as something I had to use and used it sparingly. This year I'll be continuing to try and improve my knowledge of the language itself as well as React.

Recent Posts

My first tech study topic for the year will be Elixir Supervisors. For as long as I’ve been using Elixir I’ve honestly never done much with them and my knowledge is lacking completely. I’ll be putting in time this week to study them.

Optimization for the fingers

As a programmer I spend a lot of time typing. But not only do I spend a lot of time typing I do it frequently using keys that most users rarely if ever type. All manner of brackets, and slashes, the whole row of characters above the numbers across…