I dropped out of high school when I was 16 to start my first company. If you go check Shawn on Shawn you can see how that turned out(hint it’s the first red box). I did end up going back the next year but I wasn’t really into it and eventually dropped out again to move to England where I started my programming career.

I’ve ended up doing ok without finishing high school but I’d not recommend it for anyone else. I had a lot of luck along the way. I also have a bunch of regrets. As a consequence of leaving school early I never finished up my math education. For the past few years I’ve made it a goal to finish off Khan academy fully and I burn out a few months in. The biggest problem is a never set a specific study time so other stuff comes up and I skip a day, then another and next thing you know it’s been 3 months. I really want to learn Calculus this year. Not just learn it but really internalise it. So that has led me to my first productivity change. It’s a daily habit.

I wake up at 4am almost every morning. Currently from 4am to 5am I clear my inbox, catch up on the overnight news, check twitter and get ready for the gym. The news isn’t really needed and twitter definitely isn’t. So starting tomorrow I’ll be switching my morning routine to a scan of the inbox and assuming no emergencies switching straight to an hour of math study and review. In the event of an emergency that requires immediate attention I will be allowed to reschedule to following the emergency. Pagerduty tends to wake me up for those types of emergencies though so I don’t expect many this year.

To help me with this I’ll be setting up auto self control to block everything except the servers needed for my email and my math study until 5am every day.