Javascript, I hardly knew ya

After over a decade working in web development I can honestly say I suck at Javascript.  I’ve always been more focused on the backend and so I’ve never put much effort into improving beyond the basics.  I used prototype back in the day before switching to jQuery at some point in time and I never really moved past that point in time for Javascript.  For me Javascript never really moved on from jQuery 2.0.  I never really had any issues doing what I needed to do but but I mostly worked in advertising so our javascript needs weren’t that complex really.

In recent years I’ve occasionally dipped my toes into the world of more modern Javascript.  Reading the occasional books, doing a few video courses.  But I was never learning it for a specific reason and very little of it stuck around and what did these days feels a bit cargo cultish in my usage of it.  A big part of the problem of course was I was always learning something like React, Vue, Ember, etc and never Javascript.

With that in mind I’ve decided to give it another go as I have a few projects in the pipeline that will require very interactive frontends and I want to make sure I’m in a position to complete them.

I’ve settled on a two stage process to get me back up to speed:

  1. Get myself caught up on Javascript.  Comfortable with all the new(to me) features of Javascript.  Then using that knowledge to relearn React with a better understanding so I am less cargo cultish in my knowledge of React.  This stage will last a few weeks.
  2. After that I will put what I’ve learned to work immediately.  I have an idea for an application to build that I am going to do in React(with a Phoenix API).  I plan to livestream the full development of this app so if you feel like watching me flail about it should be fun.

Wish me luck!

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