April Challenge: Day 8 round up(Challenge 1: Failed)


Challenge one: failed

So it’s safe to say I failed to release the first app on time.  It’s live but it’s not launch ready yet.  I’m going to have Jess run it for a week on her work to come up with some improvements to the workflow and reporting.  If you want to check it out though did This Then is where to find the rough lander which will take you through to the app.  Pricing is just placeholders at the moment.

The main thing that is missing in this launch is Projects.  It’s not much really so I’ll probably end up doing though through the week and trying to get a launch of it in next week one day as oppose to pushing it to the end of month as originally planned.

what went wrong

My time management.  The first day showed me how slow it was streaming and I only put in about 4 hours over the first two hours of the week.  Then I had another day where a combination of volunteering and a landlord visit meant I got almost nothing done.  I pretty dramatically underestimated the time it’d take me to get comfortable with Apollo and Absinthe as well.

looking forward

I’ll be starting the second project Inboxlater tomorrow.  I’m going to switch streaming from Youtube to Twitch for this one and I’m going to try to stream more than I have been.  I’ve recorded a lot of the offline work I’ve done but the past few days nothing as I rushed to finish up.

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