April Challenge: Day 7 round up


Well I got a lot done today.  Billing, a landing page, the start of the reporting system, user types.  But not everything!  Since I’m not going to launch until Monday for that PH boost I’ve decided to just shift the whole challenge back one day so I get a bonus day on this challenge which will be helpful.  It also saves me having to launch on the same day that I’m starting the next challenge which will just really be too much.

It’s the weekend so no live streaming.  I’ve very close to finishing the first challenge.  I just have to finish up reporting which is proving difficult mostly because I have to consider everyones timezones.  Timezones make my brain hurt.  The reporting is also complicated by overlaps.  Since logs will often overlap the report times I have to calculate how much they overlap by and subtract that from the totals as I’m building the reports.  My brain hurts.

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