April Challenge: Day 3 round up


I actually got this one out in the morning.  Woo.  Now with that task complete I’m going to move to just doing them at the end of the day since it’s really difficult to talk about yesterdays activities as though they were today.


Oops.  I have been using something called Soundflower to allow me to have my desktop audio(music) and mic working at the same time in OBS and Pretzel to listen to music.  Yesterday I decided to listen to Spotify and thought I’d switched back to mic audio only but apparently hadn’t so shortly after my live stream was uploaded I received like 30 copyright claims.  I’ve had to mute the whole stream which sucks.  I’ve decided I’m going to do challenge 2 on Twitch so I can get a comparison of them both.

weekly project status

I coded up the GraphQL endpoint but I couldn’t get subscriptions to work at all.  After a lot of fumbling about I’ve decided to replace guardian with just using phoenix sessions and tokens for auth as all my books have it to try and match up code a bit better.

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