After 3 years on Gitlab I’m going back to Github.


I really love working with Gitlab.  Having so many tools in one place has been brilliant for me.  But today I’m ending that relationship.

I don’t love everything mind you, .gitlab-ci.yml files have never been particularly fun but I’ve always been able to get something working for my workflow of the month.  I’m not a fan of the ticketing system and have moved away from it though I have heard improvements have been happening there.  Not huge things, things I could overlook.

Last year I had 3 accounts on my server and paid the licensing for it.  This year with renewal coming up I deleted off the other two users as they didn’t need access anymore and bought myself a license for one user.  This was the first step in a journey that has now led to me leaving Gitlab for Github.

When I tried to install my new license file I was told I needed a license for 3 users even though I only had one and I didn’t need to “true up” the license since I’d paid for the 3 the previous year.  I contacted support and heard nothing.  With the expiry of my license approaching quickly I reached out on Twitter and was told to contact sales instead. It was around this time I was sent an email telling me gitlab had charged me for a 3 person license.  I complained about that and explained my situation to the sales email.  I received no response but a week later I got an automated refund message so obviously someone had seen my email.

To date I’ve mailed each email address I can find related to sales/licensing on the gitlab site and not received a single response.  Unfortunately this means I can’t fix my licensing problem which means I can’t use my gitlab instance.

Luckily switching with git is easy.  I just have to create new private repos on my github account and push to them.  I’ll need to pick a new CI system but I’ve used others before so I’m not worried.

Thank you for the 3 years of good times Gitlab and I’m sorry it had to end this way.

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